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Osiria Rose has a lovely two color combination of blood-red petals on the inside and silvery white on the outside

This is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

unmalleableaegis asked:
6. Draw one of your female trolls!


Fantroll Art Meme



  1. Draw your first troll
  2. Draw your newest troll
  3. Draw your youngest
  4. Draw your oldest
  5. Draw one of your male trolls
  6. Draw one of your female trolls
  7. Draw one of your non-binary trolls
  8. Draw one of someone else’s male trolls
  9. Draw one of someone else’s female trolls
  10. Draw one of someone else’s non-binary trolls
  11. Draw a ship
  12. Draw two non-shipped trolls
  13. Draw a Derse dreamer troll in their dream outfit
  14. Draw a Prospit dreamer troll in their dream outfit
  15. Draw a troll in god tier clothes
  16. Draw an Alternian troll
  17. Draw a Beforus troll
  18. Draw a troll with glasses
  19. Draw a lowblood
  20. Draw a landdwelling highblood
  21. Draw a seadweller
  22. Draw a mutant or hemoanon
  23. Draw your youngest troll
  24. Draw your oldest troll
  25. Draw an ancestor

Feel free to add your own!

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Sometimes, I miss getting lost in that copy/pasted maze. Felt good finding different areas

psa: if you ever have any questions about my character, you are always welcome to ask them. i encourage asking questions for it also helps me develop my character further or help explain something unclear.


what animal mun am i


You’re a little fairy boy